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The function of spray gun
  • Date:2019-11-26
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It is necessary to know that most of the functions of the spray gun are used for cleaning, such as the dead corner in the bathroom, glass, toilet, etc., especially the dead corner in some bathrooms. If the dirt is not treated for a long time, it is easy to produce mosquito bacteria, but the mop towel can not be completely cleaned. In this case, we can use the spray gun to wash. When necessary, we can also use the cleaner with the high-pressure water flow of the spray gun to thoroughly clean the stains in the corner to ensure the health of our family.

1. Spray gun cleaning corner
In terms of toilet flushing, the spray gun also has a very practical function. After the application of detergent, the dirt in the toilet can be easily washed away with a light flush of the spray gun. It is not necessary to bother to clean it with the toilet brush frequently. It is very suitable for many clean people.

2. Spray gun washing clothes
Secondly, we may occasionally use it to wash clothes, for example, to remove stains on very thin fabrics (such as silk) without causing damage or puncture. Light and thin clothes, such as scarves and shoulders, are easy to be damaged in the washing process. In this case, we can use the spray gun and apply the washing liquid to clean them easily.

Of course, there are many practical places, such as washing the exquisite ornaments, washing the inaccessible heights, washing the interior of sports shoes and so on.


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